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The Kin Premium Incense Collection - Incense Sticks

The Kin Premium Incense collection is a collection of incense exclusively hand-made in small scale studios including our own. The incense sticks featured on this page are exclusively blended and hand-made using hand selected, quality natural ingredients, including some highly sought after materials.  

There are no artificial ingredients or enhancements. 


A collection of handmade, all natural incense

The Kin Premium Incense collection is a brand new collection of incense, all exclusively hand-made in small scale studios. Many are blended and made in our own studio, the remainder are created by experienced local Chinese artisans that we know and trust.

Like all of our products, the Premium Incense collection is rooted in traditional Chinese incense culture, dating back thousands of years. Part of the collection closely follow traditional recipes from the archetypal Chinese incense book History of Incense《香乘》, written almost 500 years ago in the Yuan dynasty; these we call the Re-interpreted blends. Part of the collection are our own creations, using ingredients and blends with modern, non-Chinese influences – these we call the Imagined blends. We recently made a new addition to the collection, with a focus on precious single scents like aloeswood (otherwise known as agarwood, oud or jinko) – these we call the Classic single scents.  

All of these incense were selected after months of blending and trialing, products of much sweat and love.

The perfect accompaniment for all your daily rituals

The Kin Premium Incense collection contains no artificial ingredients or enhancements. They are made from all natural ingredients we hand selected, chosen because they were the best quality ingredients we could find whilst keeping final prices reasonable. The binding powder used is Indonesian nanmu powder, a wood-based binder that is the binding agent used in all Chinese incense, and where the Japanese makko or tabu no ki powder derives from.

Due to the superior quality of the raw ingredients, our incense sticks and cones will burn for a longer time than other comparably sized incense sticks. For example, many of the full length (21cm, 8.25 inches) incense sticks will burn for an hour or longer.

All of the Kin Premium Incense are carefully enclosed in Wutong wood boxes painted with traditional Chinese red ink. Wutong is a type of wood popular for storing incense in East Asia, due to its superior anti-mold and anti-moisture properties.

Indulge in a stick of natural incense, gift yourself a moment of calm.


Hand making natural incense sticks has hundreds of years of history in China, and it is an art that spread to Japan and beyond. Here we take you behind-the-scenes of the Kin Premium Incense Collection, and show you the step-by-step process of making incense sticks from natural ingredients like wood, herbs, flowers and resin, as well as essential oils...

The first known Chinese incense recipe book dates back 2,500 years, and through the centuries countless recipes were developed by palace ladies, the literati, TCM practitioners and incense houses. Here we provide a structure and guide to mixing your own recipe with the use of a wood-based binder known as Nanmu powder (Makko or Tabu Na Ki in Japanese)...

There are over 400 types of incense ingredients used in Chinese incense. Prior to the 6th century, four ingredients were popular: Lan & Hui flowers, Sichuan Peppers, and Cassia. With the opening of the silk road and increased international trade, these evolved to aloeswood, sandalwood, camphor and musk...

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