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Ripple Incense Burner

Ripple | 长清波

A ripple on the water frozen in concrete. The bronze ball at the center of the ripple in this incense holder (or incense burner) acts as a gimbal, able to hold the incense in various angles and directions.

The colors of our concrete come from superior quality cement pigments (not dyes), resulting in sophisticated color finishes that will not fade with time.

The original pavement gray color is available in special value packages with either the walnut or white oak wood base. For other colors, purchase the base separately. For types of incense sticks supported by this incense burner, check the Details section.


23.5 (L) x 7 (W) x 1.2 (H) cm

9.25 (L) x 2.75 (W) x 0.5 (H) inches

Color: pavement gray, bronze

Material: concrete, bronze

Please note: this incense burner is compatible with most Chinese and Japanese styles of incense. However, it will not hold up heavy incense sticks such as those with a bamboo core, those longer than 21cm (8.25"), or those much thicker than average.

As our concrete products are individually hand-made, each one will be different. Characteristics such as air bubbles, slight unevenness, minor scratches or bumps were all incurred in the production process and are unavoidable due to the nature of concrete. These are not considered defects unless they affect the functioning of the product.

We recommend gently wiping with a damp cloth shortly after use. Do not rinse directly under water. Metal parts will be very hot during and immediately after burning, care should be taken to avoid injury.

Avoid contact with oily or colored substances as these will stain the concrete.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
John Butts
Amazing product and presentation

Luv the product and the super nice boxes and packaging they come in. Very upscale feel. Would be a great gift idea for the person that has everything.

Sarah Jaffe
Love the incense burner!!!

Become an everyday go-to in our household. Looks fabulous and the incense smells fabulous. Thank you, Miranda! Xx

Andrew Kahan

Can’t wait to gift these. She’s going to love it!


Buyers beware… as is stated in the ‘Details’ section, this holder does not support the most common of incense sticks. Not only that though, it doesn’t support smaller sticks either. Product is therefore useless and I returned it (which I had to pay return shipping fees)

Hi Joseph, thanks very much for taking the time to leave a review.
We're really sorry this holder didn't work out for you. We welcome customers to contact us ahead of time to enquire about whether their incense sticks are compatible with particular incense holders.
We have tested this holder extensively in our studio, and it works well with almost all Chinese/Japanese styled incense without a bamboo core. As we know this is a concern for customers, we also make this quite explicit in our product description.
The reason why this incense holder cannot support heavier/longer incense is because of the weight of the bronze ball, which needs to counter-balance the weight of the incense stick. The ball can be glued down, however our customer feedback has been that they prefer the ball to be movable. I hope this is understandable.
For a holder which supports the heavy and long styled incense made with a bamboo core and powder, please check out other styles like the Core or Ridge Loop.


Miranda did reach out and correct the issue as well as correct the website with the proper information which I feel is honorable. So for that reason I can update the stars to reflect the customer service.

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