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Ridge Extends Incense Burner

Ridge Extends | 回旋延伸

Our Ridge series of incense holders (or incense burners) explores the intersection of the organic and platonic geometric forms. The movement of water underlies each of the pieces, chosen because water is a central tenet of traditional Chinese aesthetics and sensibilities. Throughout history, the famed Chinese Gardens – always composed with ponds as centerpieces – was a place of calm and inspiration for poets, scholars and the imperial household alike.

The Ridge Extends incense burner holds a bronze ball seated apart from a series of ripples that traces out a pattern reminiscent of a sea, extending out to some far away horizon. The incense holder is available in 5 colors, created from superior quality cement pigments (not dyes), resulting in sophisticated color finishes that will not fade with time.

The original pavement gray color is available in special value packages with either the walnut or white oak wood base. For other colors, purchase the base separately. For types of incense sticks supported by this incense burner, check the Details section.

* The Ridge collection are original registered Kin Objects designs. Please be aware of intellectual property breaches when you see similar products listed by other sellers.


23.5 (L) x 7 (W) x 1.2 (H) cm |

9.25 (L) x 2.75 (W) x 0.5 (H) inches

Color: pavement gray

Material: concrete, bronze

Please note: this incense burner is compatible with most Chinese and Japanese styles of incense. However, it will not hold up heavy incense sticks such as those with a bamboo core, those longer than 21cm (8.25"), or those much thicker than average.

As our concrete products are individually hand-made, each one will be different. Characteristics such as air bubbles, slight unevenness, minor scratches or bumps were all incurred in the production process and are unavoidable due to the nature of concrete. These are not considered defects unless they affect the functioning of the product.

We recommend gently wiping with a damp cloth shortly after use. Do not rinse directly under water. Metal parts will be very hot during and immediately after burning, care should be taken to avoid injury.

Avoid contact with oily or colored substances as these will stain the concrete.

Customer Reviews

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Hyoah Jeon

Hi as of yet i have not yet recieved my order. The tracking has notupdated from may 26th and iworry that the shipment has been lost or not sent properly. Could you take a look at the order status to find out if it has been sent properly?

Perfectly molded incense holder

Looking back a few months after having purchased the Ridge Extends Incense Burner I would have preferred to purchase the set which includes the Walnut Base. You will want it at a later date if you did not initially purchase it. The online images are exact, there will not be any surprises or buyers remorse, I promise. On a different topic, the incense from P. F. Candle Co. are much heavier since the rod of the incense runs completely through the entire incense stick (Piñon smells great). Kin Objects Incense is almost all incense which cuts out most of the weight. Hint: find a decent looking pebble (preferably squared although round works too) this will offset a heavier incense if balanced perfectly under the base of the incense.

Amazing service, amazing product

Shipping from China to Canada in only four days!! It was a gift and they had never seen an incense burner that beautiful. Even the samples that come with it were out of this world. 10/10 would recommend


I bought this incense holder to use with the incense I've purchased from P.F. Candle. Although this is a beautifully crafted incense holder, when I try to use it with the incense from P.F. Candle, the bronze ball will not hold the incense's weight since the ball itself is detachable (it works great with the incense that they sent us).To use it with the heavier weighted incense, incense has to be held straight up or it will fall at any tilted angle. I've figured a workaround (super glued the ball to the base) in the angle that I want so incense stays put. But while I was figuring out the right angle for the incense while trying the glue the bronze ball, the incense stick got glued to the bronze ball, so I have no way of fixing it now :(

Tommy Baptiste
Just Perfect 🙏🏼

buy without hesitation!

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