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Evening Stroll - Incense cones

Evening Stroll |傍晚漫步   An Imagined Blend

A refreshing floral blend of our own creation, featuring a garden of jasmine, neroli and bergamot.

As a young child, my grandfather and I went for a walk after dinner every evening. It was a chance to digest, meet neighbors, and check out local happenings. When I think back, I always remember the walk being accompanied by the scent of various flowers, the blend of smells changing as the seasons changed.

The first time I lit this fragrance, I was taken back to those evenings. An elegant, full floral scent drifting through the air.

Please find the Evening Stroll incense sticks in a separate listing here.


Evening Stroll is part of the Kin Premium Incense Collection, a collection of incense exclusively hand-made in small scale studios including our own. All incense in the Premium incense collection are enclosed in Wutong wood boxes painted with traditional Chinese red ink.

Backflow cones:

3.5 (h) x 1.3cm (at base)

1.4 x 0.5 inches (at base)

Each backflow incense cone is approximately 3 times the weight of an incense stick

25min burn time/cone, 6+ hours for 15 cones, 12+ hours for 30 cones

Ingredients:Sandalwood, Frankincense, Jasmine, Neroli, Bergamot, Rosewood, Nanmu

All incense cones are encased in a Wutong box. Wutong is a type of wood popular for storing incense in East Asia due to its superior anti-mold and anti-moisture properties.

Please note that as every piece is handmade, the size, shape and color will have irregularities depending on the batch. As raw ingredients vary batch by batch, the smell of the incense will also vary by batch. These are a part of the handmade process and not considered defects.

Over time, we may continue to tweak the blend as we are continually searching for better ingredients, and improvements to our processes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Excellent!!! This incense is worth the money!! The fragrance is wonderful. It's delicate and soothing. Never overpowering.

michelle spiziri
Cones are fun!

I bought the downdraft cones and then later the downdraft “ Mountain and Lake” burner. It works very well and perfumes the room nicely. My home has tall ceilings and open spaces. The scent lingers for a bit and is not overwhelming. I wish they burned slower but I think thats the nature of incense. I haven’t enjoyed, in a long time, incense and am usually a candle or diffuser person but this is safer than a lighted candle and brings me the moments of aromatherapy joy just as much.

I've looked into other burners for downdraft that were less expensive and the reviews weren’t very buyer confident but the burner I purchased from Kin came with additional packs of incense cones and creates a great visual as well as
“scent-sational” experience.

The only thing I would say that bothered me was the packaging which came super taped up and it took me a minute to open the packages, the the kin tape on the red box was sticky to get off. The product is great - the packaging, albeit pretty, was a wrestling exercise and frustrating to get to the goods inside.

Behind-the-scenes in our studio -

The making of all natural backflow incense cones for the Kin Premium Collection

The Kin Premium Incense Collection

A Collection of Handmade, All Natural Incense

The Kin Premium Incense collection is a collection of premium incense exclusively hand-made in small scale studios. Part of the collection is from our own studio, the remainder is hand-selected from experienced Chinese artisans that we know and trust.

Like all of our products, the Premium Incense collection is rooted in thousands of years of traditional Chinese incense culture. Part of the collection closely follows traditional recipes from the archetypal Chinese incense book History of Incense《香乘》, written almost 500 years ago in the Yuan dynasty; these we call the Re-interpreted blends. Part of the collection are our own creations, using ingredients and blends with modern, non-Chinese influences – these we call the Imagined blends. There is also a focus on precious single scents like aloeswood (otherwise known as agarwood, oud or jinkoh) – these we call the Classic single scents.  

The Perfect Accompaniment for Daily Rituals

The Kin Premium Incense collection contains no artificial ingredients or enhancements. They are made from all natural, hand-selected ingredients, chosen because they were the absolute best we could find at reasonable prices.

The binding powder used is Indonesian nanmu powder, a wood-based binder popular in Chinese incense, and where the Japanese makko or tabu no ki powder derives from.

All of the Kin Premium Incense are carefully enclosed in Wutong wood boxes painted with traditional Chinese red ink. Wutong is a type of wood popular for storing incense in East Asia, due to its superior anti-mold and anti-moisture properties.

Indulge in a stick of natural incense, gift yourself a moment of calm.

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