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Ash and Incense Powder Mix Set

Ash and Incense Powder Mix Set |篆香香灰香粉套装

A simple yet elegant starter incense powder kit for the traditional Chinese practice of zhuag xiang (篆香 ), where loose incense powder is formed into a pattern on a bed of firmly pressed ash, and then burnt.

The kit consists of 2 jars of white ash, and 2 types of incense powders – a single ingredient powder and an incense blend from our studio. See more details of the powders and ash below.

Size (Box holding jars):

14.5 (L) x 14.5 (W) x 5.2 (H) cm |

5.7 (L) x 5.7 (W) x 2.1 (H) inches

Ingredients: Pine needle ash, Sandalwood,

Sandalwood, Aloeswood, Aged Tangerine Peel, Benzoin, Camphor, Nanmu

Please note that as the incense powders and ash are made from all natural ingredients, the color and scent will vary from batch to batch. This is the nature of the product and does not constitute a defect.

White Ash| 香灰

The white ash we use is the ash of pine needles, and it is produced from the repeated burning of dried pine needles. This is a safe, natural, and economical ash.


Pine needle ash has little smell of its own when heated, so it does not distract from the scent of the incense itself. When compacted, it also has a consistency that allows the right amount of oxygen to get to the burning incense, and prevents the incense from going out.

Mysore Sandalwood | 老山檀

Sandalwood is one of the most widely used and recognized incense ingredients in the world. And India's Mysore sandalwood has always been the most sought after sandalwood due to its complex, gentle and long lasting aroma. Its high concentration of active ingredients α- and β-santalols have been scientifically proven to reduce nervous tension and stabilize mood.


The Mysore sandalwood we use comes from a sustainable source, and is the byproduct of sandalwood used for essential oil extraction. As the sandalwood used for oil extraction has such a high initial oil content, the residual wood is still extremely fragrant, and allows us to enjoy this otherwise precious ingredient in an accessible and eco-friendly way.

A Touch of Jupi | 橘皮装点

This is a recipe shared to us by our incense teacher and renowned Chinese incense scholar, teacher Qiao. The sandalwood and aloeswood base is accented by the jupi (also known as chenpi in Chinese), aged tangerine peel.


Jupi is commonly found in Asian households, and is used for everything from stews to teas to traditional Chinese Medicine. And in Traditional Chinese Medicine, jupi is used to aid a range of digestive and respiratory problems. As it ages, the crisp, acidic flavor of the tangerine peel matures into a warm citrus scent, refreshing yet nourishing at the same time.

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