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GIFT SET: Moon & Handmade Incense Mix Box ($86 value)

We have paired our original 4" Moon incense burner in pavement gray with our popular Handmade Incense Mix Box for a special gift set ($78 value). Our handmade incense are high quality incense exclusively made in small, artisanal studios using carefully selected ingredients.

An elegant incense burner with a set of elegant, artisanal scents. Give the gift of calmness - an indulgence for yourself, a treat for a friend.

See details of scents below -

Moon Size:

13.5 (L) x 3.5 (W) x 13.5(H) cm | 5.3 (L) x 1.4 (W) x 5.3 (H) inches

Color: pavement grey

Material: concrete & bronze

Incense scents:Sandalwood ensemble, Nha Trang aloeswood, The four masters, Palace rituals, Butterfly interpretations, A Touch of Jupi

Stick length: 10.5cm | 4.125 inches

5 sticks each scent, total 30 sticks

25-30min burn time/stick, total burn time 12-15 hours

See more details of the incense mix box including each scent here

As our concrete products are individually hand-made, each one will be different. Characteristics such as air bubbles, slight unevenness, minor scratches or bumps were all incurred in the production process and are unavoidable due to the nature of concrete. These are not considered defects unless they affect the functioning of the product.

We recommend gently wiping with a damp cloth shortly after use. Do not rinse directly under water. Metal parts will be very hot during and immediately after burning, care should be taken to avoid injury.

Avoid contact with oily or colored substances as these will stain the concrete.

Place this product on silicone mat while burning to avoid smoke damaging standing surface.

Sandalwood Ensemble | 檀香合奏

A sandalwood blend incense that is better than sandalwood itself. The distinct woodiness of the sandalwood scent is rounded with a sweet gentleness which perfectly complements it and harmonizes with it.


See Sandalwood Ensemble's individual listing here


Main ingredients:Sandalwood, Aloeswood, E-pearSandalwood, Aloeswood, Benzoin, Frankincense, Nanmu

Nha Trang Aloeswood | 芽庄沉香

Vietnam’s Nha Trang region is highly regarded for its superior quality aloeswood, with the Nha Trang aloeswood being the most famous of the Hui’an aloeswood family. Also known as agarwood, jinkoh in Japanese, and oud in Arabic, aloeswood is a classic scent worldwide.


See Nha Trang Aloeswood's individual listing here


Main ingredients:Nha Trang aloeswood, Nanmu powder

The Four Masters | 四合香

As its name suggests, this incense is made from the four grand masters of traditional Chinese incense – aloeswood (agarwood, jinko, or oud), sandalwood, camphor and musk (substituted with musk grass).


See The Four Master's individual listing here


Main ingredients:Sandalwood, Aloeswood, Camphor, Musk Grass, Nanmu

Palace Rituals | 宫中香

This blend is derived from one of the various palace incense recipes recorded in History of Incense《香乘》. It has a base of sandalwood and aloeswood, a rich overlay of native Chinese roots and flowers, rounded off with musk grass and unguis odoratus – the powder of a marine shell dating back to Babylonian incense recipes.


See Palace Ritual's individual listing here


Main ingredients:Sandalwood, Aloeswood, Tonka Bean, Chinese Nardostachys Root and Rhizome, Citronella, Sticky Germander, Unguis Odoratus, Camphor, Musk Grass, Nanmu

Butterfly Interpretations | 蝴蝶香

Butterfly Interpretations is one of our favorite scents of the collection. As its name might suggest, the scent is sweet and enchanting, but substantiated with depth and warmth. There is the fluttering of the butterfly wings, and the complexity of the wilderness underneath the flying wings.


See Butterefly Interpretation's individual listing here


Main ingredients:Sandalwood, Frankincense, Chinese Spikenard, Figwort Root, Rhubarb, Acronychia, Black atractylodes rhizome, Clove, Charcoal, Nanmu

A Touch of Jupi | 橘皮装点

The sandalwood and aloeswood base is accented by the jupi (also known as chenpi in Chinese), aged tangerine peel. As it ages, the crisp, acidic flavor of the tangerine peel matures into a warm citrus scent, refreshing yet nourishing at the same time.


See A Touch of Jupi's individual listing here


Main ingredients:Sandalwood, Aloeswood, Aged Tangerine Peel, Benzoin, Camphor, Nanmu

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