The Harmony Collection - Incense Sticks-Kin Objects
The Harmony Collection - Incense Sticks-Kin Objects
The Harmony Collection - Incense Sticks-Kin Objects
The Harmony Collection - Incense Sticks-Kin Objects

The Harmony Collection - Incense Sticks

The Harmony Incense Collection | 合香系列

The Harmony Collection of incense sticks draws its roots from incense recipes dating back to Ancient China. The first known Chinese incense blend book, titled Blended Aromatics Formulae 《合香方》, was written approximately 2,500 years ago. Over the following centuries and millennia, countless other recipes have been developed and refined, leading to rich heritage of incense in China.

All of our incense are made from all natural ingredients with no artificial enhancement.

Length: 21cm | 8.25 inches


35 sticks for single scent selections

12 sticks x 3 for mixed pack selection

Each stick burns for approximately 40 minutes

Selection Pear Chamber | 鹅梨帐中香

Only left in stock

Pear Chamber| 鹅梨帐中香

The Pear Chamber incense recipe is derived from the archetypal Chinese aromatics text Xiang Sheng 《香乘》, written in the Ming Dynasty (17th century). It is recorded in its 14th scroll as an incense recipe favored by King Li (李主,ruler of Southern China in the 10th Century). Created by his favorite consort for her bed chambers, the recipe involves carving out the center of the Chinese e-pear, filling it with sandalwood and aloeswood powder, steaming the mixture and then blending it into a paste to be rolled into incense.

This is a simple and gentle incense, the smell is light with some sweetness from the pear. It is a pleasant companion to a cup of tea or a book.

Main ingredients: Sandalwood, Aloeswood, E-pear

Mountain Illusions | 寒山仙踪

The Mountain Illusions incense recipe was inspired by the famed Chinese Tang-dynasty poet Hanshan (寒山) who lived approximately 1,300 years ago in seclusion, in the ancient Tiantai Mountain Guoqing Temple (天台国清寺). The ingredients of this incense tries to capture the aromas of this mountain life, with somber wood bases and a Yulan magnolia (玉兰花) highlight, a flower often cultivated in temples in the Tang dynasty as a sign of purity.

This is a light and sophisticated incense with a floral touch. It is well suited for a moment of calm in the day, or for easing into a restful night of sleep.

Main ingredients: Aloeswood, Yulan magnolia, Styrax, Chinese Cedar, Sandalwood

Tibetan Earths | 古秘藏香

The Tibetan Earths Incense follows in the long traditions of Tibetan incense recipes. Rooted in Traditional Tibetan Medicine, Tibetan incense are unique in their rich assortment of ingredients, often numbering 30 or more. The emphasis on the use of herbs, spices and flowers gives rise to a uniquely earthy and herbal smell.

This is a full-bodied and flavorful incense. Traditionally Tibetan incense are used to cleanse the environment and aid meditation.

Main ingredients: Saffron, Rhodiola Rosea, Nutmeg, Caterpillar Fungus, Musk, Aloeswood, Sandalwood, Tibetan Cypress, Borneol, and other ingredients (total 36)



Lighting, putting out with dabbing



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Inspired by the richness of traditional Chinese culture

Kin draws its inspirations from thousands of years of Chinese history.

Fragrances, or incense, known as 香 (xiang) in Chinese, was treasured in ancient China and first used in the royal palace. The first Chinesebook of fragrances was written as far back as the 5th century.

Re-interpreted with a unique, modern aesthetic

Kin objects showcase minimal designs with clean lines.

Bill Yen, the award-winning architect and designer behind Kin, brings over 15 years of experience. Kin objects are developed from scratch in our Shanghai studio, and are painstakingly designed, re-designed, prototyped and re-prototyped .

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Kin creates objects for our homes that embrace seemingly contradictory influences in our lives; objects that ground us, accept us, bring us a sense of calm, and give us a sense of belonging.