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The Floral Collection - Incense Sticks

The Floral Incense Collection | 花未觉香

The Floral Incense Collection is a collaboration between Kin and artisanal incense brand Wisdom Wheel. Inspired by the quiet allure of blooming flowers at dusk, the floral smell of this collection is distinct yet soft. The incense is made using a traditional technique where the incense powder is ground using a water wheel, and then blended with carefully selected mineral-rich water, creating an all natural product with minimal environmental impact. The Floral Incense Collection incense sticks are 10.5cm (4 inches) and fit inside our Moon incense holders.

All of our incense are made from all natural ingredients with no artificial enhancement.

Length:10.5cm | 4.1 inches


35 sticks for single scent selections

12 sticks x 3 for mixed pack selection

Each stick burns for approximately 18 minutes

Damask Rose| 玫瑰

The Damask Rose derives its name from the city of Damascus in Syria, where it is thought to have originated. Damask rose has a long history of use in perfumes, cosmetics and foods. A classic of the floral scents, the Damask rose smell is rich and luxurious, yet not overwhelming.

Main ingredients:Damask Rose essential oil, Sandalwood, Aloeswood

Lily | 百合

Lilies have a long history in Chinese culture. They are appreciated not only for the striking beauty of their flowers, but also have widespread medicinal and culinary uses, as lily bulbs are considered cooling for the agitated body and mind. Lilies have a light, elegant fragrance that drifts calmingly through the air.

Main ingredients:Lily essential oil, Sandalwood, Aloeswood

Muguet | 铃兰

Muguet is the French name for Lily of the Valley, a delicate, white bell-shaped flower native to many parts of Europe and also the cooler parts of Asia, in particular China’s north-east. It is a highly valued flower for perfumery, and its sweet, fresh smell is reminiscent of the emerging spring.

Main ingredients:Lily of the Valley essential oil, Sandalwood, Aloeswood


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